Client Portal

We are very excited to let you know about our Client Portal.

We think you’ll find that this is a very convenient way to manage your account. You can access the Client Portal from your computer, tablet, and even your smartphone. You’ll be able to see your upcoming services, past service history, and any paused services you have. You’ll also be able to see your invoices and other transactions, pay your bill online, or sign up to take advantage of our auto-pay program. And perhaps the best part is, you will have excellent security and full control over setting your username, password, and security questions.

It’s really easy, and we’ll walk you through it:

  • Step 2 Create a username that you can remember. If it satisfies all the Username suggestions, you’ll see them get green check marks.
  • Step 3 Click the green Next button.
  • Step 4 Create a password. If it satisfies all the rules, you’ll see them get green check marks.
  • Step 5 Choose and answer three security questions.
  • Step 6 Review and accept the Terms of Use and decide if you would like to receive email and text notifications.
  • Step 7 Sign in using the new username and password you just created.

We are also very happy to tell you that we have a mobile app that you can use to manage your account. You can find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “SA Manage Service” and using the account info you set up online.

Thank you,